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Events Security

12 August 2022


Ever wondered about the type of jobs in the security industry apart from managing buildings and sites?

Singapore is  a popular destination to host concerts, sporting events, and MICE in South East Asia. In fact, Singapore is home to a variety of major events which include concerts and international sporting events such as the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, International Champions Cup, Chingay, Singapore Airshow and many more. The larger the events, the bigger the demand needed for security personnel to help in managing these events. Every event setup is unique but you can expect daily event operations to include crowd control, X-Ray screening, vehicle screening, person and bag screening.

Why is security important to run an event?

Event security is also one of the most crucial factors during the event planning stage. Organising and managing events is not an easy job. It requires a lot of planning, management, and preparation. Having good security management will enhance the experience of the guests at the event. Additionally, the safety of the guests and proper handling of the event is highly dependent on the security of the event.

What are the security services required for events?

Event security services includes:

  • Access Control – Managing access of restricted areas for authorized personnel only, eg, backstage, generators, VIP rooms.

  • Screening Services – Most events will require security officers to perform bags and person checks and/or X-ray checks. The security team must be able to use the appropriate screening equipment to ensure that prohibited items are not carried into the venue.

  • Crowd Control – In a large-scale event, managing the crowd is vital as part of the process to ensure smooth traffic flow and easy wayfinding for guests. In addition, it is important for officers to be helpful and friendly as part of providing a good event experience.

Types of events security courses

Officers who are interested to join the event security should consider the following courses:

  1. Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag (CSSPB)
    In the CSSPB course, you should expect to learn skills such as, conduct screening of a person using handheld metal detector, conduct screen of a person using a walk-through metal detector, and perform manual bag search.
    For more info on CSSPB, please click here.

  2. Conduct Security Screening using X-Ray Machine (XRAY)
    Upon completing the X-ray course, you can expect to be proficient in identifying suspicious threats and prohibited items when using an X-ray machine. You will also learn how to perform correct procedures and protocols on how to operate an X-ray machine to screen a person’s bag based on PLRD regulations.
    For more info on X-RAY, please click here.

  3. Conduct Crowd and Traffic Control (CCTC)
    Learners from CCTC course will be able to deal, manage and monitor various types of crowd behaviour. You will also learn to control and direct vehicle traffic and use hand signals to direct traffic confidently.
    For more info on CCTC, please click here.

What security courses should I attend if I am new to the security industry?

If you do not have any prior experience, you are required to complete the following 3 courses under the Basic Licencing Units (BLUs) with KnowledgeTree to be eligible for a security licence in Singapore.
The 3 courses are as follows:

Once you have passed the 3 BLUs and attain their security licence, you are able to further upgrade yourself by enrolling into our Senior Security Officer(SSO) courses or even our events security courses which allows you to qualify for events security jobs.

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