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Tips To Prepare For Your WSQ Security Course Assessment

Is It Hard To Pass The WSQ Security Course Assessment? Here Are Some Assessment Tips From Our Learners And Trainers.
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Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?

Are security cameras an invasion of privacy? Here's why the usage of CCTV is still controversial and the regulations ...
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WSQ Security Certificates | Is There An Expiry Date?

Is there an expiry date for y WSQ Security Certificates? Security certificates are valid upon the learner’s attainmen...
Security Working hours in Singapore

Security Working hours in Singapore

In the past, security officers typically work for extended hours in Singapore, with many security agencies requiring ...
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Security Licence | All You Need To Know

Does My Security Licence Have An Expiry? Are There Any Conditions To Renew My Security licence? What Are The Mandator...
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Becoming A Private Investigator In Singapore

Learn what it takes to become a Private Investigator in Singapore. Explore the exciting yet mysterious career paths a...