Security Officer (SO)

18 April 2021
Security Officer Guide

An individual who wants to enter the security industry will hold the first rank of a Security Officer (SO) on the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) ladder for security.

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) is a five-level career progression model which was developed by the Security Tripartite Cluster STC) to help security officers achieve a stable income and work-life balance by encouraging security officers to upgrade their skills and progress through the productivity-based wage progression pathway.

Job scope of a Security Officer (SO)

The general job scope of a Security Officer (SO) include:

  • General screening of people, staff, vehicles, and properties.
  • Guarding and patrolling properties
  • Access and egress control
  • Basic incident reporting

How to become a Security Officer (SO)?

To become a Security Officer (SO), you will need to apply for a Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) Security Officer License. Read our SIMPLE 3-step guide to getting your PLRD Security Officer License.

If you do not have prior experience or exemptions by PLRD, you will need to complete the following 3 courses under the Basic Licensing Units (BLUs) with KnowledgeTree to be eligible for a security licence and become a licensed security officer in Singapore.

  1. PGPS – Guard and Patrol (Provide Guard and Patrol Services)
  2. HSIS – Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents and Services)
  3. RTT – Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threats)

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