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Security Officer (SO)

18 April 2021

An individual who wants to enter the security industry will hold the first rank of a Security Officer (SO) on the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) ladder for security.

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) is a five-level career progression model which was developed by the Security Tripartite Cluster STC) to help security officers achieve a stable income and work-life balance by encouraging security officers to upgrade their skills and progress through the productivity-based wage progression pathway.

Job scope of a Security Officer (SO)

The general job scope of a Security Officer (SO) include:

  • General screening of people, staff, vehicles, and properties.
  • Guarding and patrolling properties
  • Access and egress control
  • Basic incident reporting

How to become a Security Officer (SO)?

To become a Security Officer (SO), you will need to apply for a Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) Security Officer License.

If you do not have prior experience or exemptions by PLRD, you will need to complete the following 3 courses under the Basic Licensing Units (BLUs) with KnowledgeTree to be eligible for a security licence and become a licensed security officer in Singapore.

  1. PGPS & OBSE – Guard and Patrol (Provide Guard and Patrol Services and Operate Basic Security Equipment)
  2. HSIS – Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents and Services)
  3. RTT – Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threats)


Recognise Terrorist Threats (RTT) was made compulsory for security officers since Jan 1, 2020, except for those deployed at warehouses and condominiums.

However, in the Singapore Government’s effort to raise the professionalism of the security industry and keep Singapore safe from terrorism, ALL security officers will have to complete the RTT course before they can be deployed at any site from July 1, 2023.

For more information, please read the Committee of Supply Debate 2022 here.

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