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Why is a Resume important even for a Security Officer?

27 September 2021

Why is a Resume important even for a Security Officer?

cartoon security officer resume

A resume will help you stand out compared to other applicants applying for the same role you applied for. Think of a resume as a summary of the achievements of your learning and work.

With a well-written resume, the employer will have a better idea of your experience and skills before scheduling an interview with you. And as most of the security officer job applicants do not have a resume, you can stand out from the crowd even more! In other words, a good resume is half the battle won!

1. Experience is KEY!

cartoon of security guard patrolling and bodyguard protecting VIP

The experience section of a resume is potentially one of the MOST important sections an employer will look at when reviewing a resume. If nothing in the experience section captured the attention of the employer or is irrelevant, they would usually skip to the next candidate.

Increase your chances of landing that interview and ultimately the job with these are 2 things under the experience section.

I. Use a standardised format

Using a standardised format helps to make your resume more organised and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer reviewing your resume. Here’s an example of a format for the experience section:

Senior Security Officer (Job Title)

XYZ Security Pte. Ltd. (Company Name)

1 Jan 2018 – 23 Oct 2019 (Employment Duration)

II. Describe your achievements in your previous job

By describing what you have done in your previous role, it will give the reviewer a better understanding of what you can do and have experience in. This in return will give the reviewer a better sense of trust should he hire you for the job.


  • 2 years SSO experience in Condo
  • 4 years SS experience at commercial building in CBD area

III. Include also your non-paid experience

Non-paid experience can be in the form of personal projects or even volunteer work that showcases your leadership skills or project management skills which may be a transferrable skill to your future job in the security industry.

2. Certificates & Rank

cartoon security officer holding rank and certificate

Most employers require you to get your security licence to begin work. To get your Security Officer License, you would have to have passed your 3 Basic Licensing Units (BLUs). Including your PWM rank details in your resume will help the reviewer understand your skill level and find a suitable fit for you in the company. If you have a higher PWM rank or have upgraded yourself with courses that are above your current PWM rank, that’s awesome! The resume is where you should show it off!

In addition, courses such as an XRAY, CSSPB or CCTC course with KnowledgeTree can greatly increase your chances of securing certain types of security jobs due to its requirements. Make sure that you include all your relevant certificates such as SSG approved courses so that employers can take notice!

To find out what other interesting, exciting, and beneficial SkillsFuture Security Courses are available at KnowledgeTree, click here!

3. Upload your Resume through job portals!

cartoon phone with job portal screen

After completing and finetuning your resume, it is time to market yourself to potential employers out there!

One of the most popular jobs portals for security jobs is FastJobs. As KnowledgeTree’s official partner, we have worked together to create a one-stop website for jobseekers to learn more about the security industry, look for upgrading courses, and browse over 120+ job openings!

After creating an account with FastJobs, you can upload your resume onto your profile and start sending out job applications either through their dedicated app or their website.

Click here to find out more.

The KnowledgeTree Experience

At KnowledgeTree Training Centre, we differentiate ourselves from other training organisations by not only offering SkillsFuture Security Courses but also guiding our learners from the start of their journey entering the security industry to helping them advance in their security careers! We hope every learner that comes to KnowledgeTree will be able to secure a good and fulfilling job placement. This is the motivation for us at KnowledgeTree and the reason why we continue to look for opportunities and partnerships that will benefit our learners.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for career advice. We’ll gladly advise you on the career paths you can take and help you stand out from other applicants in your next job interview! You can email us at, WhatsApp us at 98675187, or call us at 67491486 for more details.

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