Paramasivan and Ramachandran

Student Testimonial

“I am proud of my father. He is still very determined to take courses at his age and I feel very motivated to see him here taking courses with me.”


Student Testimonial

“I look forward to my career in the security line and hope to increase my salary scale up by upgrading to a Senior Security Supervisor level (PWM) by taking more courses in the future.”


knowledgetree security student photo thumbs up

Despite failing his first attempt at the basic licensing course due to his limited grasp of the English language, Mr Sulaiman decided to take another shot at the Enhanced Basic Security Courses to become an officer again and eventually succeeded!

Jo Lim

Student Testimonial

Jo was Inspired by her parents who completed most of their courses in the Security Skills Framework up to the Senior Security Supervisor (SSS) level and decided to follow their footsteps in the security industry.


Student Testimonial

“I see the security industry moving forward in the future. I see more young people out there joining, from all different races and backgrounds.”

Ismail Bin Jaffar

Student Testimonial

At age 92, Mr Ismail is still challenging himself by taking security courses and has completed his basic licensing modules with KnowledgeTree!