Student Testimonial

Meet Jo Lim.

Jo is a Business Management Honours Degree holder and loves her current job in the F&B industry. She was also a recipient of the ‘SkillsFuture Study Award’ in the Retail Industry.

Inspired by her parents who completed most of their courses in the Security Skills Framework up to the Senior Security Supervisor (SSS) level, Jo decided to follow in their footsteps and decided to venture into the security industry.

Jo’s father, Mr David Lim, was featured as one of our #FacesOfKnowledgeTree stories on our Facebook page for his incredible tenacity and resilience in overcoming the language barrier he faced when taking up courses @ KnowledgeTree.  Eventually, he succeeded! See his full story here.

Jo shared with us, “To me, my Dad is my constant inspiration. Last two years we watched him grow so much as a person through his resolute determination to learn. He regularly used Google translate and other online methods to overcome his initial language barrier and has become better versed in the English language as well, through his taking Security courses. Seeing him and my mom bond by studying together in the late hours or early hours of the morning has brought joy to both myself and my siblings.”

Jo’s father wanted her to gain some exposure in the Security industry as it offered them financial stability when times were tough and thought it would be a valuable skill for Jo to pick up. Jo found the courses interesting felt that the security knowledge is universally applicable, even in her current industry. She went beyond the basic level and recently completed her Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag module with KnowledgeTree.

The security industry has bonded this family together and they look forward to working part-time together in the future to gain more experience and bond as a family.