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Meet Sulaiman.

Sulaiman previously worked as a security officer in a time before the private security industry in Singapore was regulated and officers were not required to be trained and licensed.

When the Private Security Industry Act was passed in 2009, and officers were required to be trained and properly licensed, Sulaiman faced an uphill battle as he was unable to pass the basic licensing course due to his limited grasp of the English language.

Unable to continue as a security officer, Sulaiman had no choice but to look for another job, but he knew deep down he always wanted to go back to the security industry.

With the recent announcement of the Security Industry Transformation Map and the wage increments for officers, Sulaiman decided to take another shot at the Enhanced Basic Security Courses in order to become an officer again. To Sulaiman, this was a great opportunity to take better care of his family and progress in his career.

With the encouragement of his trainers and the support of his classmates and friends, today Sulaiman finally cleared his second basic module, WSQ 102C Handle Security Incidents and Services.

Today, Sulaiman can once again begin his first step back into the security industry.

All the best Sulaiman, we’re glad we could be part of your life journey.