Student Testimonial

Meet Samuel.

Samuel worked as part of a service crew in the food and beverage/entertainment industry for almost 10 years. He sometimes worked from 1030 am to even 12 midnight, especially on weekends and thus did not have much free time for his personal life.

When he joined the security industry this year, he found that although the hours were sometimes long, his work schedule was flexible if he planned ahead with his superiors. He prefers the freedom that comes from doing ad hoc assignments/events as it allows him to balance his income and life commitments. He also enjoys taking some weekends off, which he could not do in his previous job.

Samuel shared with us the simple pleasures of life that he now enjoys, “After work now, at least I can have dinner with my family or friends and have some time and money to myself. I look forward to my career in the security line and hope to increase my salary scale up by upgrading to a Senior Security Supervisor level (PWM) by taking more courses with KnowledgeTree in the future.”

Samuel completed the Conduct Security Screening Using X-Ray Machine module at KnowledgeTree.