Student Testimonial

Meet Paramasivan and Ramachandran.

They are a father and son duo that attended classes at KnowledgeTree. Mr Ramachandran was in logistics before stepping into the security industry last year. His father, Mr Paramasivan is 73 years old and has been driving a trailer for more than 25 years but left the company when the department closed recently. Seeing that his dad was eager to get some work, Mr Rama told him to try part-time security employment instead of looking for another full-time job.

While Mr. Ramachandran was taking his Supervisor courses at KnowledgeTree, we found him encouraging and motivating Mr Paramasivan who was taking his enhanced basic courses with us. “I am proud of my father,” he shared. “He is still very determined to take courses at his age and I feel very motivated to see him here taking courses with me.”

Thank you, Mr Sivan and Mr Rama, for inspiring us and the rest of our learners! It’s always a beautiful sight to see family members motivating each other at KnowledgeTree.