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Executive Protection (Provide People Protection Services)

3 March 2023

What is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection services also known as close protection or bodyguard services encompass a variety of security measures and techniques aimed to ensure the safety of high-profile clients from potential dangers. They provide a complete security service and create safety measures to protect clients at their home, place of work and other locations that the client may visit.

Client profile who may hire executive protection:

  • Celebrities
  • Political figures
  • High-worth individuals
  • Athletes

Executive protection officers are commonly required during concerts, conferences and/or international sporting events.

What does an Executive Protection officer do?

An executive Protection officer’s scope of work includes:

  • Regular risk assessment and threats
  • Learning and memorizing entrances, exits and parking situations
  • Creating exit plans for different scenarios
  • Keeping confidential information safe
  • Accompany clients during travel (if required)
  • Performing surveillance within the vicinity

What will you learn in the Executive Protection course?

  • Understand and prepare for executive protection and escort duties
  • Conduct pre-operation activities including site surveys and threat assessment
  • Responding to situations and activate contingencies

Am I able to attend Executive Protection course only, to be a bodyguard or bouncer in Singapore?

Should you wish to be employed as a bouncer at a club or bodyguard, you are required to complete the 3 basic security officer course under the Basic Licencing Unit (BLUs) to be eligible for a security licence in Singapore.

The 3 courses are as follows:

  1. Guard and Patrol (Provide Guard and Patrol Services – PGPS
  2. Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents and Services – HSIS
  3. Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threat – RTT

Upon completion of the 3 basic security modules, officers may further upgrade by enrolling in the event security courses which includes Executive Protection (Provide People Protection Services).

How to register for the basic security courses?

Learners may enrol for security courses and view the available course schedule through our registration portal here. Kindly note that learners are required to create a student account on our portal before registering for their intended course. Please ensure that learners have a personal email address in order to create a student account with us.

Alternatively, interested learners may visit KnowledgeTree Training Centre in person and approach our friendly customer service team to assist with your course registration and process payment. Learners may use their SkillsFuture credit or PSEA funds to offset the course fee and the courses are funded up to 70%. You may view our operating hours and location here.

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