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Security Supervisor Courses(SS)

Catergory Description:

For existing Senior Security Officers (SSO), you will need to complete 3 Security Supervisor (SS) modules to be eligible to be promoted to SS on the PWM and take on SS level jobs.
PSDLF - Perform Supervisory Duties Within Legal Framework

Perform Supervisory Duties within Legal Framework (PSDLF)

PSDLF equips security officers with the knowledge and skills to manage operations while complying with the legal requ......
SUP - Supervise Security Officers

Supervise Security Officers (SUP)

SUP equips security personnel with the skills and knowledge to manage security operation procedures on a supervisory ......
ISP - Induct Security Personnel

Induct Security Personnel (ISP)

ISP equips security personnel with the knowledge to prepare an OJT induction programme based on the client's requirem......
AASR - Assess and Address Security Risks

Assess and Address Security Risks (AASR)

AASR equips learners with the knowledge to identify security risks, present recommendations to management and proceed......