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Looking for job opportunities in the security industry?

10 November 2022


Apart from providing quality security training and looking into the development of professionals in the security industry, KnowledgeTree also strives to support learners by providing career guidance after they have completed their security courses.

After taking up the basic security course, KnowledgeTree acknowledges that some learners may face difficulties searching for a job in the security industry and some may face issues with getting a suitable employer to suit their preferred work schedule. As such, we partnered with NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to provide professional career guidance for our existing learners.

KnowledgeTree’s partnership with e2i aims to mitigate the employment issues that some of our learners are facing and be able to secure a job placement from e2i’s career coaches. With e2i’s services, KnowledgeTree believes this will provide a seamless experience for our learners in their job search as e2i career coaches match the candidates’ job requirements with the most suitable employer.

What is e2i?

e2i is the empowering network for workers and employers seeking employment and employability solutions. e2i serves as a bridge between workers and employers, connecting with workers to offer job security through job-matching, career guidance and skills upgrading services, and partnering employers to address their manpower needs through recruitment, training and job redesign solutions. e2i is a tripartite initiative of the National Trades Union Congress set up to support nation-wide manpower and skills upgrading initiatives.


The private security sector in Singapore consists of around 48,000 licensed security officers and over 250 security agencies providing protection services to the public and private areas. Over the years, NTUC has been working closely with the government agencies including statutory boards, industry associations, education institutions, training providers and the Union of Security Employees (USE) to push for a more productive workplace and to continually improve the job of a security officer.

As part of the licensing conditions, security agencies have to pay and train their security officers according to the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the security sector. The PWM provides a progression pathway for security officers to earn higher wages as officers become more productive and willing to take on higher job responsibilities.

What are the services that e2i provides?

  1. Job Matching
    Various job matching resources are made available on the e2i website. These include networking events, career fairs or even job opportunity briefings. Jobseekers may also subscribe to e2i’s Job Security Council Jobs Alert on Telegram for the latest job openings. Click here for more information.

  2. Career Guidance
    Engaging a career coach can be a great opportunity to nurture an individual’s career and professional well-being. NTUC’s e2i’s friendly career coaches can assist individuals in identifying their career interest, key strengths and skills gaps. Additionally, e2i’s career coach will equip them with the relevant market information and job search resources to support them in their job search.

    When making an appointment for coaching session, jobseekers will be assigned a Career Coach who will guide them on their career journey. It can take place through a face-to-face meet-up, or via a phone or video call. Click here for more information.

  3. Skills Upgrading
    Enhance and expand skillsets to advance one’s job search. For those who are looking for tips on how to craft a good resume, how to present oneself as an ideal candidate during a job interview, how to negotiate salary effectively or even just looking for a career direction, register for e2i’s suite of employability workshops to get ahead of the curve. Click here for more information.

How to book an appointment with a Career Coach?

To meet a career coach, click here to register and set an appointment!

Upon consent, the jobseeker’s details will be used for targeted job referrals or sent across to e2i’s experienced career coaches for customized career guidance.

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