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In Partnership with Union of Security Employees (USE)

5 October 2022


At KnowledgeTree Training Centre, we strive to provide quality security training and to further the development of professionals in the security industry. KnowledgeTree has also recently offered career guidance for security officers who are new to the industry and provide professional advice for learners who are considering to further upgrade their PWM ranks by upskilling.

Occasionally, KnowledgeTree also receives enquiries and feedback regarding issues encountered by security officers at their workplace. As such, KnowledgeTree has partnered with Union of Security Employees (USE) to provide a seamless experience for security officers to access relevant industry information and welfare support that the union provides.

Union of Security Employees (USE)

Established in 1978, the Union of Security Employees is one of the 58 affiliated unions of National Trade Union Congress. The Union provides an avenue for Security Officers to raise their concerns with regards to any employment issues they may face at their workplace. Apart from that, Union members are also entitled to several social benefits, welfare and financial support.

How does the Union support security employees in terms of workplace protection?

As part of workplace protection, USE constantly engages unionised security agencies to negotiate for better employment terms for security officers and resolve any difficulties or issues that officers may encounter at work.

Union members who require mediation services may book an appointment to meet the relevant personnel through email at or by making a report on USE mobile app.

Benefits of Joining USE membership

USE also provides welfare benefits for Union members in providing financial assistance to them and their family.

U Care Hardship Grant

The U Care Hardship Grant provides a one-off assistance to low-income union members in the events that the member suffers hardship arising from one of the following circumstances which is of a non-industrial nature.
a. Death
b. Total and permanent incapacity
c. Serious chronic medical condition*
d. Registered fire or flood victim
*Pre-Existing serious chronic medical conditions diagnosed before the applicant became a Union Member will not be considered.

Eligibility criteria

Union Members must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the grant:

  1. Total Monthly Gross Household Income of $1,800.00 and below; or Per Capita Income of $500 and below if gross household income exceeds $1,800.00
  2. Minimum of 6 months continuous paid-up union membership at the point of application

Union Security members may apply the U Care Hardship Grant by downloading the form and submit the completed form to . Alternatively, you may mail the completed application form together with the supporting documents to USE Customer Service Centre.

USE Quick Relief Fund

The USE Quick Relief Fund is an immediate assistance for union members who are in dire financial conditions and need help urgently to tide over the difficult period. Similarly, Union members who are facing financial difficulties may email USE at for assistance.

USE School Meal Subsidy

The USE School Meal Subsidy aims to provide help for USE members in financial hardship by providing subsidies to their children for meals purchased in school.


NTUC GIFT is a group insurance policy exclusively for members of NTUC affiliated unions/association.

All union members who are below 65 years old are automatically covered against death and total & permanent disability (TPD) of up to S$40,000. Union members’ spouses below 65 years old are also covered against death and total & permanent disability (TPD).

You may download the forms here, and submit your applications to

How to join USE membership & Union membership benefits

As a NTUC Union member, you get to enjoy member’s discounts on recreational activities, training subsidies for upskilling courses, health and financial wellness perks and many more!

Interested applicant can sign up for NTUC Union Membership with an annual fee of $117.00 (Monthly payment $9.00 from January to November and $18 for December).

Click here to sign up to be NTUC Union member and more information on the benefits. Alternatively, interested applicant may sign up at USE Customer Service Centre.

Customer Service Centre

USE also operates a Customer Service Centre for security officers to make the Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD) security officer licence card and to enquire on Union membership matters.

The USE Customer Service Centre is located at 200 Jalan Sultan #03-24, Textile Centre, Singapore 199018. Its operating hours are from Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm, and it is closed on weekends and Public Holidays.
Note: For the last Tuesday of every month, the centre’s operating hours are from 9.00am – 1.00pm.


It is not uncommon for security officers to face workplace issues due to the nature of the job. Thus, KnowledgeTree has collaborated with the Union of Security Employees (USE) to create awareness and provide support to security officers. Officers can approach our customer service counters to get more information on USE and will be advised accordingly for any enquiries regarding USE membership.

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