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Top reasons to join the security industry

25 May 2022
Security officer talking on walkie talkie

Have you ever considered working as a security officer? While this may not seem like an attractive job, it is an important position that has some benefits that are not limited to the safety of people and places. The security sector is currently experiencing a boom, thanks to business owners who need more trained staff to protect their businesses and employees. A career in security is a practical option, especially if it’s not something you normally think about.

Security work is probably not what it looks like. Security professionals are highly trained individuals who can perform their tasks efficiently and carefully. Training certification is required for all security personnel, and there are several companies that provide training for newcomers who want to join them as a security officer.

In the security sector, career advancement is essential. As such, security professionals can expect to advance from a security officer to a senior security officer and even to a Chief Security Officer – if they have the right mentality and willingness to move forward. In addition, security professionals can take advantage of attractive benefits such as attractive bonuses, monthly performance incentives, bonuses, annual increases, group insurance and more.

In addition to the tangible benefits of participating in the security sector, many security professionals see their work as a meaningful job, that keeps people and property safe in the country.

Reasons to become a security officer

Helping people feel safe is rewarding

One of the main functions of security is to protect people and maintain security. The visible presence of security is often enough to prevent criminal incidents. People are always grateful for the presence of a security officer and helping them feel comfortable and safe can be a rewarding experience.

More employment opportunities

Security personnel are in high demand today and have always been. Many different situations require security, so by being one, you will be available to many companies in different industries. Thanks to new technologies and the process of automation, many jobs will be expected to change or disappear in the coming decades. But one thing is certain: there is always work for trained human security officers. This means that you can rely on a long working life if you decide to pursue a career in the security sector.

Part-time job

Because there are different scheduling options, security can be a very good part-time job option while juggling other responsibilities such as school and family.

Different scheduling options

Whether you are a night owl or want to work during the day, there are opportunities for you to choose either in the security industry. Security is a 24/7 service, so it is possible to choose your preferred shift options. In most security tasks, the job is assigned to shifts, which means you can enjoy the flexibility you need to manage your work, home life, children’s school schedule, and so on. In today’s society, this is an important option for any professional who wants to balance every aspect of life.

Diversity in the job scope

In security, there are different types of work depending on the company and the situation. Some may be tasked to stationary posts, while others need to be on patrol. Some may experience more activity during the day, while some night shifts offer quiet and peaceful hours.

Crisis training

Security officers are trained to be prepared for emergencies, including fire prevention and first aid. This type of training can be valuable for life situations in general, whether on or off duty.

Improving social skills

Customer service and hospitality are part and parcel of a security jobs people will always look to you for help. Interacting with people can be very interesting and offering help to those who need it can be rewarding.

Doing meaningful work

Perhaps the most important reason to consider a career as a security officer is that it is one of the most meaningful jobs on the market today. As a security officer, you play an important role in protecting businesses, public and private activities, religious institutions, schools and other places, allowing people to live in peace and safety.

Expectations of working in the security industry

To start working in security, you would require training and skills in dealing with threats and situations when they arise.

To do this, you must first pass a police screening check to obtain a security license. If you are eligible to hold a security license, you may then begin to approach training providers or employers who will be able to provide you with the necessary training to become a security officer.

In terms of training, SkillsFuture Singapore has developed the Skills Framework for Security, which includes a variety of courses that adequately prepare security professionals for their field of work. Certification is required for all professionals and is the first step to a career in the field. KnowledgeTree Training Centre offers many courses for individuals looking to get involved in the security sector, as well as advanced courses for security professionals looking to progress their career in security.

Security is not as one dimensional as some may think. In the security sector, one has unique opportunities and a different range of work suitable for different skill sets. SkillsFuture Singapore identifies 3 different routes: (i) Private Security, (ii) Security Advice and (iii) Auxiliary Police. Career development in the security sector is another important aspect that individuals consider when deciding to become a security officer. The progressive wage  model for the security sector outlines a career path, starting with functional or operational roles (security officer), through the transition to supervisory roles (security supervisor) to management level (core security).

Working under pressure

Everyone working in the security sector will experience some form of pressure at some stage in their careers. Dealing with security incidents or eliminating unwanted behavior on your site are some examples of the highly tense situations you may encounter. As a security professional, it is important that you stay cool, remember what you have been trained to do and deal effectively with these situations. If you are going to be interviewed for a security role, be sure to emphasize your ability to work under pressure. Use examples from previous work or other life experiences to relate to real-life security situations.

If you feel that you cannot work well under pressure, express your willingness to learn and take actionable steps to improve in that area. As you complete your security training to become a certified security officer, you will learn to evaluate and handle difficult situations, which will help you stay cool under pressure.

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