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Tips To Prepare For Your WSQ Security Course Assessment

12 April 2022

Tips To Prepare For Your WSQ Security Course Assessment

At KnowledgeTree, the quality of our classes is one of our top priorities. Our team of trainers are experienced veterans in the security industry. Along with a well-decorated team, KnowledgeTree places emphasis on the realism of the courses being delivered. We offer an array of different props for trainers and trainees to use to better relate to real-life security scenarios.

Although KnowledgeTree’s learners have consistently achieved a high pass rate, KnowledgeTree places more emphasis on the KnowledgeTree experience that learners undergo the moment they enrol for a course with us. With our vision of becoming the leading security training institute and people developer in Singapore and the region, we prioritise the quality of classes delivered to learners and assist them in securing a security position should they require assistance. As long as learners have a basic command of the English language, do not have an existing criminal record, or are declared bankrupt, they are eligible to take up our WSQ security courses with KnowledgeTree.

Student Tips To Prepare For Security Course Assessment

With over 1,000 learners under our belt, we took the opportunity to speak to our existing learners to find out a few tips on how they prepare themselves ahead of their security course assessment. Here are some of their tips:

  1. Rest well – Make sure you have everything ready including your notes before the day of your assessment. Remember to take at least a minimum of seven hours of sleep before the assessment to ensure you have sufficient rest.
  2. Make your own notes – As the content may be lengthy, it will be good to bring a notebook and jot down important pointers. Writing notes will also help you remember key information and make your own personal connections to it. This will also help during your revision before the assessment.
  3. Revise what you have learnt – You need to give yourself enough time to review everything that you have studied and make sure that you understand it.  Ideally, review each topic as you go, and make sure that you understand it fully as this will make revision much easier.
  4. Actively participate in class – Another great way to prepare for your assessment is to actively participate. By doing so, you are more likely to remember information and will pay attention in class. Whenever in doubt, feel free to ask our friendly trainers questions and they will gladly address your queries!

Trainer Tips To Prepare For Security Course Assessment

In KnowledgeTree, our pool of trainers are experienced security professionals and have been conducting classes over the years. Here are some tips from our trainers to prepare students for assessments:

  1. Be motivated to learn – It will be good for learners to stay focused during class, participate in any form of engagement in class and raise any queries when in doubt.
  2. Understand the concepts – It is important to understand the underlying concepts so that learners may demonstrate their understanding and perform well during assessment and use the skillset to relate in their future workplace.
  3. Practice makes perfect – As there are several role-plays to demonstrate during the assessment, learners are encouraged to have as much practice as possible guided by their trainers. Trainers will also encourage peer learning (buddy system) during role-play practice to build up the learner’s confidence.
  4. Identify key points – Although some content may be heavy/lengthy, learners are encouraged to note the important information in point form, for their own revision prior to assessment.

Additionally, our experienced trainers will educate learners using different techniques to ensure learners understand topics that are challenging.

Some examples of the training techniques are:

Reinforcement roleplay training (repeating role-play of different scenarios), practical approach (sharing personal ground experience relating to topic) and summarizing the topics in point forms or breaking up the contents into bite-size so that learners may have a better understanding.

Who Conducts Assessments At KnowledgeTree Training Centre?

As our courses are under the Security Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework, the approved assessment organisation is POLWEL. As an independent assessment body for the private security industry, POLWEL works closely with the Singapore Police Force and SSG in managing the assessment regime to ensure adherence to the relevant competency requirements.

What Is The Assessment Format?

The various assessment formats are as follows:

  1. Roleplay – Different scenarios will be given to learners, and they are required to perform the role-play as practised during their lesson.
  2. Oral questions – The assessor will ask course-related questions to test the learner’s understanding.
  3. Written assessment – Some modules will require written assessment such as basic report writing.

For most of the courses in KnowledgeTree, allocate 2 hours for each learner to complete the assessment. However, the duration varies for every individual ranging from 45mins to 1 hour on average.

How Can I Register For Security Courses?

If you do not have prior experience, you will need to complete the following 3 courses under the Basic Licensing Units (BLUs) with KnowledgeTree to be eligible for a security licence and become a licensed security officer in Singapore.

PGPS – Guard and Patrol (Provide Guard and Patrol Services)

HSIS – Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents and Services)

RTT – Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threats)

Once learners have passed the 3 Basic Learning Units (BLUs) to attain their security licence, they are able to further upgrade themselves by enrolling into our Senior Security Officer (SSO) courses or even our events security courses which allows them to qualify for events security jobs.