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SSG Course Attendance

1 November 2023

SSG Attendance starting 1 October 2023

Learners attending courses starting from 1 October 2023, will be required to take their attendance via their Singpass app on their mobile smartphone. Having the attendance taken via learner’s Singpass will make it easier to validate people who are attending the courses and will streamline the admin process for the learners and the training providers. This initiative is part of the updated transformation roadmap by SSG to prepare Singapore’s economy for future digitalisation.

Who should scan E-Attendance?

All learners are required to scan their E-Attendance, especially Singaporeans and Singaporean PRs. However, Malaysians with work permit are highly encouraged to scan E-Attendance with Singpass.

Do note that scanning of E-Attendance can be done by Singpass app only and ensure that learners scan the e-attendance for all sessions, especially ASSESSMENT sessions.

What happens if learners do not have Singpass app?

In the event the learners does not take their attendance via Singpass app, learners may not be able to fulfil the full attendance by SSG. Thus, we strongly encourage all learners to prepare Singpass app prior to course start.

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