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Security Industry Transformation with Enhanced BLU

21 January 2023


The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and key industry stakeholders have been working together on the Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) since 2018, to transform the industry that leverages technology and raises skills to deliver high-quality security solutions.

The Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) plans to develop a technologically advanced and competitive security industry that delivers better security outcomes for Singapore. This will also provide good jobs and better opportunities for Singaporeans.

What can security officers aspect from the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) in the coming years?

Under Security 4.0, technology, process, specialised and people skills were identified to plug the gap and uplift the security workforce. Amongst the Security 4.0 skillsets, technology and people skills were identified as the priority areas for inclusion to the mandatory training. The additional mandatory training module for basic security officers is Access Control Management.

At the moment, new officers are required to go through 3 basic courses: Guard & Patrol, Incident Management and Threat Observation. However, from 2024, security officers are required to complete 4 modules as follows: Guard & Patrol, Access Control Management, Incident Management and Threat Observation.

Although officers go through security industry transformation, the enhancements are not intended to change the current job scope of officers. Rather, security officers will potentially have better opportunities to enhance their skillsets to grow in their current positions and improve the quality of work with advancements in technology. In addition, upskilling security officers will enable them to take on more productive roles and responsibilities.

The industry stakeholders have determined that Security Officers deployed today primarily require more focus on technology and people skills to increase their skill sets so they may perform better in their existing jobs. In recent years, officers are trained to acquire technical skills and adapt to technology at the various work sites (eg, mobile clocking, etc)

Enhanced Basic Learning Unit (BLU) for Security Officers

While incorporating additional skills into the mandatory training, this enhancement will require a minimal extension to the training duration. Security officers will also be recognised for their enhanced skillsets.

Changes to the Mandatory Training Modules

The new mandatory training module is the combination of the existing PGPS module with the existing OBSE into 1 new Integrated course which is Guard and Patrol Services and Operate Basic Security Equipment. The new mandatory module will be available for registration from 1 July 2023 onwards.

What will happen to existing Security Officers (SOs) and when are the changes expected to take effect?

Existing SOs will be given ample time of two years for the transition to meet the new mandatory training requirements.
Existing SOs will need to pass the additional module WSQ Access Control Management (Operate Basic Security Equipment) by 31 Dec 2025.

Enhancement to the training requirements for SO will be made mandatory effective 1 Jan 2024

How to start registering for the basic courses?

Learners may enrol for security courses and view the available course schedule through our registration portal here. Kindly note that learners are required to create a student account on our portal before registering for their intended course. Please ensure that learners have a personal email address in order to create a student account with us.

Alternatively, interested learners may visit KnowledgeTree Training Centre in person and approach our friendly customer service team to assist with your course registration procedures. You may view our operating hours and location here.

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