Course Fee from 1 Jan 2024

In line with the Goods & Service Tax (GST) change, the GST rates will apply to all our current course fee from 1 Jan 2024.

Events Security

Ever wondered about the type of jobs in the security industry apart from managing buildings and sites? Well, event security is one of them.

What Can A Private Investigator Do & Not Do

Typewriter PI

When we watch movies about private detectives, you may believe that they are super investigators who work in legally dubious ways – breaking into facilities, tapping phones, hacking, and more.

Security Working hours in Singapore

In the past, security officers typically work for extended hours in Singapore, with many security agencies requiring them to work more than 12 hours in six days a week.

Improving Welfare of our Security Officers

security officer saying no to abuse

How to identify workplace harassment? Is it common for security officers to be abused at work? Improving the welfare protection and working environment of security officers.

Private Security Industry


The private security industry provides manpower, security equipment and procedures in a property for the protection of personnel, assets and information from any form of hurt, loss or sabotage.