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Basic Cybersecurity Response (BCSR)

26 October 2022


Cybercrime is continually on the rise, leaving people and companies vulnerable to cybercrime when there is a lack of cybersecurity awareness. When you consider how essential the internet and digital systems are to your daily operations, you will be able to see why cybersecurity is important.

KnowledgeTree is introducing the Basic Cybersecurity Response (BCSR) course, which aims to provide learners with the fundamentals and the importance of cybersecurity.

What to aspect of Basic Cybersecurity Response (BSCR) course?

In this module, learners will be able to understand the common types of cybersecurity attacks and the risks of cybersecurity threats to your organisation. Additionally, learners will be able to identify the different types of cybersecurity threats and attacks and knowing how to prevent and respond to such attacks.

For more information on BSCR course, please click here.

How to register for BCSR course?

Learners may enrol for security courses and view the available course schedule through our registration portal here. Kindly note that learners are required to create a student account on our portal before registering for their intended course. Please ensure that learners have a personal email address in order to create a student account with us.

Alternatively, interested learners may visit KnowledgeTree Training Centre in person and approach our friendly customer service team to assist with your course registration procedures. You may view our operating hours and location here.

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