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COVID-19 Announcements & Updates

17 May 2021

COVID-19 Announcements & Updates

Dear KnowledgeTree Learners,

The safety and health of our learners, staff, and stakeholders of KnowledgeTree have always been our top priority. Learners coming to KnowledgeTree for WSQ security courses can be assured that their health and safety are well taken care of.

This page serves as a Covid-19 update page of KnowledgeTree and we will be constantly updating this page with the latest news and information. In addition to reading this page, you may also want to like us on our Facebook page for timely updates and information at KnowledgeTree and the Security Industry.

If you have any queries, you may check out our FAQ page or contact us for further clarification.

20 October 2021 – Wednesday

With the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, KnowledgeTree has implemented several safety measures on top of existing requirements by the Singapore Government. Some of these measures include:

1. UV Air Filters

Standing UV Air Purifier

To ensure our learners have a conducive environment and clean air, we have decided to include UV air filters in every classroom, pantry and install UV ventilation systems for our campus. The UV air purifier filters 99.9% of all air pollutants.

2. Acrylic Shield

Clear acrylic shield on table

To prevent the spread of viruses through water droplets, we’ve also implemented acrylic shields in our classrooms. These shields add an extra layer of protection for our learners and our trainers.

3. BRShield Antimicrobial Surface Coating

classroom with tables and chairs

On top of implementing acrylic shields for every learner, we have also engaged Big Red, a vendor specialising in environmental decontamination to conduct full disinfection and coating of BRShield at KnowledgeTree.

BRShield is an antimicrobial surface coating that provides ongoing surface disinfection for up to 6 months without any further re-treatment. For more info, click here.

17 May 2021 – Monday

All classes will proceed as scheduled. Our team will continue to monitor the local COVID-19 situation closely and provide timely updates to learners.

Check-In Methods From 17 May 2021 To 31 May 2021

  • TraceTogether Token;
  • TraceTogether App;
  • Scanning of NRIC

Check-In Methods From 1 June 2021 Onwards

  • TraceTogether Token
  • TraceTogether App