Career Services

18 April 2021

KnowledgeTree offers 1-1 career counseling sessions for trainees who are undergoing courses at our centre. This career counselling service is dedicated helping guide our trainees in understanding how to plan for their career in the Security Industry – Career Talks in Schools.

KnowledgeTree conducts career talks in schools to provide school leavers insights into the security industry in Singapore and the possible career options available in this emerging sector.

Please contact if you would like us to conduct this talk at your school – Career Talks at CDCs, grassroots and community events.

To enable more people to know more about the job opportunities and training available in Singapore for security training, KnowledgeTree is happy to give career talks in events organised by the CDCs, grassroots and community organisations.

Please email us at if you would like us to conduct this talk at your event – Job Fairs.

KnowledgeTree is happy to participate job fairs to attract more people to consider a career in the security industry.

Please contact if you would like us to participate at your job fair.

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