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Career Paths In The Security Industry

18 April 2021

Security work is skilled work and security practitioners have to be trained in order to have the necessary expertise to watch out for and deal with different kinds of security issues and threats.Successful security professionals tend to possess the following traits:

  • Values the safety and interests of others
  • Is observant
  • Enjoys working under pressure
  • Able to effectively react to situations quickly
  • Is a good communicator
  • Has high EQ

Employment opportunities for security professionals can be found in many different organisations and establishments like the multi-national corporations ; the Integrated Resorts ; performance, entertainment and sporting venues ; hospitals ; construction sites ; department stores ; education institutions ; private residences ; airports ; dance & night clubs ; government buildings etc.The Skills Framework for Security (Sfw) Courses

In Singapore, the Skills Future Singapore (SSG) has come up with the national competency certifications for courses in the security sector – Skills Framework for Security (Sfw).

The Skills Framework for Security is for working adults who are already working in the security industry and those who are looking for a mid-career change workforce into this sector. The security industry is attractive to young individuals that are looking for a career or a part time job and individuals looking for jobs to do after retirement as it does provide employment opportunities for retirees.

The SSkills Framework for Security maps out the skills needed for jobs in the private security industry and the training needed to enter the industry with a framework that also provides career pathways for security officers interested in progression in the security industry. Under the Private Security Industry Act, all security officers are required to be individually licenced ; and be certified competent in two Basic Licensing Skills Framework for Security units.

The PWM Security Model (Progressive Wage Model for Security Sector)

Effective 1 September 2016, security agencies are required to abide by the Progressive Wage Model wage and training requirements for security officers who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

Security officers will now require a combination of a minimum required experience and the neccesary requisite training before they can perform certain job functions and be eligible to be promoted up the ladder.

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