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Alumni Services

18 April 2021

KnowledgeTree’s Alumni Network aims to provide KnowledgeTree’s graduate trainees a support group and to allow for networking among its alumni members.

This network can provide opportunities to members to know more people in the industry ; members can extend help to each other in the area of career development ; learn about trends and current issues faced in the security industry ; voice their concerns in relation to work in the industry ; etc.Networking Sessions

KnowledgeTree’s networking sessions is meant for alumni members to get and keep in touch with one another. These networking sessions serves to also provide KnowledgeTree a platform for informing members its plans, events and courses ; as well as news about the security industry worldwide.Talks

KnowledgeTree alumni members will also be invited to talks conducted by local and international speakers.Workshops

Available only to KnowledgeTree Alumni members, the centre will run the following workshops to help them in their personal and career development :

  • Resume Writing
  • Personal Grooming
  • Interview Skillse

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