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security officer saying no to abuse

Improving Welfare of our Security Officers

How to identify workplace harassment? Is it common for security officers to be abused at work? Improving the welfare ...
PWM Security

Progressive Wage Model (PWM) 2021- Security Industry

The Progressive Wage Model helps to increase the wages of security personnel by encouraging them to upgrade their ski...
Security Officer SO

Security Officer (SO)

To be a Security Officer (SO), you need to complete 3 courses under the Basic Licensing Units (BLUs) and be eligible ...
Senior Security Officer SSO

Senior Security Officer (SSO)

A Senior Security Officer (SSO) will need to have at least 6-months of experience as a SO and fulfil the SSO training...
Security Supervisor SS

Security Supervisor (SS)

A Security Supervisor (SS) will need to have at least 1-year of experience as a SSO and fulfil the SS training requir...
Senior Security Supervisor SSS

Senior Security Supervisor (SSS)

A Senior Security Supervisor (SSS) will need to have at least 1-year 6 months of experience as a SS and fulfil the SS...