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Progressive Wage Model (PWM) 2021- Security Industry

The Progressive Wage Model helps to increase the wages of security personnel by encouraging them to upgrade their ski...
Security Officer SO

Security Officer (SO)

To be a Security Officer (SO), you need to complete 3 courses under the Basic Licensing Units (BLUs) and be eligible ...
Senior Security Officer SSO

Senior Security Officer (SSO)

A Senior Security Officer (SSO) will need to have at least 6-months of experience as a SO and fulfil the SSO training...
Security Supervisor SS

Security Supervisor (SS)

A Security Supervisor (SS) will need to have at least 1-year of experience as a SSO and fulfil the SS training requir...
Senior Security Supervisor SSS

Senior Security Supervisor (SSS)

A Senior Security Supervisor (SSS) will need to have at least 1-year 6 months of experience as a SS and fulfil the SS...

PLRD & Licensing And Regulations

Under the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA), to become a security officer, a person must undergo training and be c...